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Moddakir Academy
Moddakir Academy

Best Academy for Memorizing and Learning

The Holy Quran is a sacred text that is revered by Muslims all over the world. It is more than just a collection of verses. It is a gateway to divine knowledge, closeness to God, and profound wisdom. However, embarking on this journey alone to understand its depths and memorize its verses can be daunting.

Here comes the role of Moddakir Academy for teaching and memorizing the Quran, to be your guide for a mesmerizing journey to learn the Quran and help you manage a strong dialogue about Islam, as God said: “Indeed, this Quran guides to that which is best” [Israa: 9]
No matter where you live, whether in an Islamic or non-Islamic country, and you do not want to travel abroad to memorize the Quran, Moddakir Academy allows you to learn and memorize the Quran online through the training course that we offer you and your children through online lessons.

The online Quran course at Moddakir Academy allows you to memorize and recite the Quran with Tajweed, learn its rules, and understand its verses, as well as the divine lessons and curricula that were revealed to our Prophet Muhammad and have not changed until now.


Memorizing it in our chests will preserve it for life from distortion. The Quran is a paradise in the chest of its memorizer, wherever he goes, he is with him. If the Quran was prevented from him in a place, then the Quran is with him in his chest whenever he wants to recite it, whether he is an imam, a follower, or alone, he must be a memorizer of something of the Quran to establish his prayer.

Our Prophet (peace be upon him) said:
“The example of the one who reads the Quran and memorizes it is with the righteous and noble companions. And the example of the one who reads it and strives to memorize it, even if it is difficult for him, he will have two rewards.”

At Moddakir Academy for Quran Memorization, you will not only memorize the Quran, but you will also have the opportunity to learn Arabic and improve your level, by immersing yourself in the language, and learning how to read the Quran in Arabic correctly with Tajweed, which gives you a better understanding of the language.
Our professional teachers will always be with you or your children to help you memorize the entire Quran and understand the complexities of the Quranic text. They are well qualified and have certifications to help you reach your goal and obtain a memorization certificate.

Moddakir Academy also realizes that the journey of each student is unique. Whether you are an adult or a young child seeking to learn the basics of recitation or an experienced researcher seeking a deeper understanding, the academy offers programs designed specifically to meet your needs and your own pace.
As for beginners, Moddakir Academy focuses on mastering the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters and Tajweed (rules of recitation). And make learners delve into the meaning of the verses and their interpretation, and explore the themes of faith, morality, and human relations.
The academy’s curriculum goes beyond just recitation and interpretation. It is a bridge between generations where students engage in critical discussions, explore historical contexts, and learn how to apply Quranic principles in their daily lives. This comprehensive approach not only enhances intellectual understanding, but also promotes spiritual growth and personal development.
In addition, the academy promotes a sense of community belonging, where students come together not only to learn, but also to socialize, share experiences, and support each other’s growth. This creates a vibrant environment that strengthens bonds and promotes a sense of belonging.
A lifelong journey: Learning the Quran is not a destination, but a lifelong journey. Moddakir Academy provides its students with the tools and knowledge they need to continue exploring the Quranic text long after they graduate.

Whether you are seeking spiritual enrichment, intellectual stimulation, or a deeper connection to your faith, Moddakir Academy for the Quran provides you with all the educational means and tools for the beginning of your divine journey with God.

Register now with us in the special training course and take the first step, on the path of the Quran that illuminates your heart and mind.