Embark on your learning journey at Moddakir Academy with these four simple steps:

STEP 1: Fill in The Free Trial Form

Please complete the form provided so that our support team can contact you to confirm your selection for the free trial period.

STEP 2: Confirm The Appointment

After submitting your free trial request, the assigned coach from Moddakir Academy will contact you via email, Phone Call, or WhatsApp within 24Hrs to confirm the process and more details.

STEP 3: Download Online Meeting App

Download Zoom app or Skype to start taking the magnificence at the scheduled appointment.
(Skype ID or Zoom room link is furnished upon appointment affirmation)

STEP 4: Make Payment for The Chosen Course

Once you’ve got finished the trial periods and you are happy with courses


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About Us

Moddakir Academy HISTORY

Moddakir Academy strives to offer all of us the opportunity to analyze the Holy Quran. We provide flexible one-on-one stay online sessions that students can effortlessly attend from their very own houses on their desired agenda. We ensure the highest high-quality of education is maintained. Our teachers have acquired Ijazah qualifications in Quranic and Islamic research from Al-Azhar University, one of the most respected establishments within the Islamic international. All tutors are also educated in the usage of online equipment and technologies to make faraway lessons enticing, interactive, and informative for college kids. Our impactful teaching procedures distinguish us from different alternatives. One-on-one stay periods permit college students to at once get a hold of feedback from the trainer. A well-concept-out curriculum sparks college students’ hobby at the same time as avoiding an overwhelming workload.


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Why should you choose us?

  • Moddakir Academy’s experienced teachers are certified and use innovative online platforms to effectively teach Quranic, Arabic and Islamic Studies.
  • Through tools such as video conferencing, email, presentations and digital content, we will deliver interactive content designed for smooth and convenient learning.
  • We understand that knowledge of the Qur’an in acquiring proficiency in Arabic presents a unique challenge for non-Arabic speakers. Thus, our specialized approach makes skill acquisition much easier, safer, more affordable and more convenient.
  • Because our e-learning is available at any time, students can study in the program that works best for them without the impact of other responsibilities.
  • Above all, our teachers recognize their important role. In addition to knowledge transfer, regular assessments, exercises and mentoring ensure that students understand and apply what they learn in each unit. Our goal is to develop a lifelong understanding of Islam.
How Moddakir Academy Works
Certified Tutors

Certified Tutors

We are keen on choosing teachers who hold certificates in subjects they teach. ​

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Versatile Courses

We are covering a wide range of courses from basics to advanced level of Quran learning.

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1 on 1 Online Classes

We provide one-on-one Online learning sessions to help you and your family to learn more comfortably.

Free Trial Classes

Free Trial Classes

We offer 2 free trial classes for any course of your choice to evaluate our tutors and courses.


*Fill in the form & The assigned tutor will contact you to confirm the appointment of free trial lesson with you.

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